Number, Type and Spread of Facilities

Library Facility – UET main

Number of Books in the Central Library (CL)/Main Library (Excluding electronic books) 103,600
Number of Science & Technological books in CL/Main Library[S&T includes
Engineering,medical,Agriculture,Biological & Natural Sciences]
Number of Social Sciences & AH books in CL/Main Library 8,731
Number of Local Journals Subscribed in the Main/CL Library (excluding e-journals) 2,000 Vol.
Number of Foreign Journals Subscribed in the Main/CL Library in hard form(excluding
20,000 Vol.
Number of Local +Foreign Journals Subscribed in the Main/CL Library in soft form. HEC Digital Library Database
Covered area of the central library in Sq. Ft. 33,000
Teaching departments maintaining departmental libraries other than CL/Main Library  26

IT Facilities – UET main

Number of computers for students use in the University > 10,000
Number of computers for faculty use in the University 893

Class rooms – UET main

Number of departments in University having lab space for PhD student enrolled. 18
Total covered area for PhD students labs in Sq. Ft 21,600
Number of classrooms in the University 160
Total Covered Area of Classrooms in the University in Sq. Ft 206,180

Specialized Facilities – UET main

Number of Teaching Laboratories for Undergraduate Students in University 105
Covered Area of teaching Laboratories in the University in sq.ft 220,500
Number of Research Laboratories for Postgraduate Students 15
Covered Area of research Laboratories in the University in sq.ft 37500
Number of Museums in the University ( for academic purposes) 01
Covered Area of the museum in sq.ft 126,000
Total area of Botanical Garden in the University in sq ft (used for academic purpose only) N.A.

Medical facility in the university

Health Clinic 01

Fitness Gym/Swimming pool/Indoor sport courts in the premises of university

Fitness Gym


Swimming pool


Indoor sport courts


Outdoor sport courts


Play Ground


Rooms available for accommodation. 4500
Total covered area reserved for hostel facility in sq.ft 839,565
Total Number of students availing hostel facility 4,600
Open Experimental Area reserved for academic purposes in the premises of university. 15 Acres
Number of Out of Order Equipment Costing > Rs 1 million per Equipment. 01

Support Facilities – UET main

Facility Name Capacity Units
Auditorium Complex 2500 seats + 12 Lecture Theaters 01
Multipurpose Hall 1000 seats 01
Seminar Halls 2000 seats 08
Video Conference rooms 100 seats 02
Internet and Wi-Fi Facilities 268 Mbps 26
Indigenious Power Capacity 5.1 MW 7
Annual Research Allocation Rs. 325 Million N.A.
Students Services Centres 800 seats 2
Cafeteria 1000 seats 5

Transport Facilities



Small Vehicles